Psolixir Cream  eases the symptoms of psoriasis from the very fist use

Builds up healthy skin, removes patches, scaly skin and itchiness in one treatment course

* Get rid of itchiness, pain, peeling skin in one treatment course
* Remove the patches on the knees, face, elbows, hands, feet and back
* Forget anxiety and lack of confidence
* Enjoy beautiful and smooth skin for a long time

Early symptoms of psoriasis:

  • The first signs of psoriasis are general weakness, fatigue, depressed mood or depression and at a later stage – the appearance of psoriatic lesions a couple of millimeters is size. However, if those are left unattended, they will increase in size and reach 10 cm or bigger.
  • Thin, dry, sensitive skin
  • Fragile, scaling, changing nail color
  • Pink spots on the scalp, hands, elbows, feet, knees, lower back
  • General weakness, chronic fatigue, depressed mood or depression
  • Insomnia at night, daytime sleepiness
  • Itchiness and flaking of the skin worsened in cold weather


If you found at least one of these symptoms, start treatment immediately. If the disease remains untreated, the rash will cover up to 70% of your body surface and the process will become irreversible.

Cash on Delivery (COD):

What is the danger of psoriasis and demodicosis?

  • Mouth and genital mucosal lesions
  • Psoriatic arthritis affecting knee and phalanges. Swelling of the fingers and toes
  • Psoriatic hepatitis affecting liver and kidneys
  • Deterioration of the spinal column, vision and tendons
  • Unattractive appearance of the skin, depression and nervous breakdown
  • Skin bleeding, strong pain


Psolixir Cream helps to manage top 5 psoriasis manifestations

1) NEEM EXTRACT: stops spread of infection, preventing infection of other body areas.
2) ALOE EXTRACT: Speeds up cell renewal, takes care of the skin and moisturizes it, helps to heal wounds faster.
3) BOSWELLIA SERRATA: Suppresses activity of parasites and their eggs- filaria. They release toxins in the body, which trigger psoriasis.
4) BHASMA: Slows down cell division and detachment of epidermis which is one of the reasons of development of wounds and plaques.
5) LEMON OIL: Improves skin immunity, has antiseptic effect.
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